Thriving Matters Podcast

Facilitating Growth In Others

July 6, 2020

In this episode, I sit down with Phillip Health, an eminent Australian educator, a principal, and a teacher of human connection about his purpose to create shelter for people to thrive. Phillip shares with us how he has helped facilitate growth in generations of people as an educator and how you can take the small steps to empower your loved ones as well. Phillip is standing in front of a beautiful mural by Meriam man artist from Mer Island in the Torres Strait, Ethan Landy-Ariel. Ethan! The original artwork is in the Barker Principals office and it has also made it into this mural - it's spectacular!

Listen on as Phillip shares more about how he thinks we should all reframe our mindset in times of difficulties to lead better and more meaningful lives. For more about me and my work, visit

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