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How do you wake up full of AWESOME every day?

How do you wake up full of AWESOME every day?

September 13, 2021

In this episode with Kerry Howard, award winning author and trauma specialist, we share an understanding that negative (traumatic) experiences are at the basis of all of our problems as human beings, but there is a framework that we can use to understand our behaviour and resolve any situation.


Covid-19 has raised the awareness of how a lack of personal freedom increases feelings of powerlessness, but we need to find a way to empower ourselves to recover rather than only looking outside of ourselves for solutions.


Humans crave connection and we fail each other when not being able to provide it.

Kerry believes that education is the key to unlocking the ability to shift paradigms.


Kerry shares some of the strategies from her 'Self Management System' Framework as well as her book ' The Trouble With Trauma which are practical and based in sound research, practice and experience.

'Survival is Miraculous, but Recovery is a Choice' is Kerry's mantra in life work.


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Be Fit - Be Well - Be Awesome

Be Fit - Be Well - Be Awesome

August 30, 2021

It takes 66 days to stick a habit!




It's a conscious choice that Ashley Bishop shares with us during this episode of Thriving Matters Podcast. Never before has the noise around our 'thriving' been so clear, so strong and so urgent!


Listen in as Ashley shares his commitment to breaking the 3-6 week health kick cycle with consistent implementation strategies and habits that are the basis of his 'thriving in life and work' framework.


Sharing his own story of unhealthy success Ashley shares what he realised was the missing link in his growing business and unhealthy lifestyle - the neuroscience that underlies behaviour change where small actions can led to big transformations.


Ashley shares his 'Do the Work" 3 point habit formula; value of hydration consistency, and daily routine framework that will safeguard you, your business and well-being.


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AI - A Sherpa of Transformation

AI - A Sherpa of Transformation

August 16, 2021

How do you work in a business with your significant other?

What strategies do you need to have to keep going and thrive, even in the face of adversity when you live and work together?


These questions are not unfamiliar to anyone in a lead role in business or an organisation. When you are work and life partners, things can get a bit tricky so who better than Suzette Bailey and Craig Thomler to share their 'THRIVING' in life and work partnership in this episode.


Listen in as we talk about balancing what you can change, control and utilise to your benefit so that you can collaborate and thrive in life and work when under change and uncertainty. Living and working in an 'industrial revolution' like the current time doesn't have to be filled with fear. AI is enabling us to embrace

opportunities change is bringing us so coming together in diversity to solve problems and challenges differently means looking outside the box!


Take a moment to ponder these quotes from Suzette and Craig:


'Adversity is the best teacher, it is simply a matter of whether we learn in our

youth or in our old age....The biggest challenges happen when you are achieving success...When you rise above a challenge, you turn a perceived liability into an asset.


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Choosing to Smile

Choosing to Smile

July 28, 2021

You will be "stoked' with this 'thriving' conversation with my guest Cheree Stokes.


Cheree shares her life's journey to date as a 'too white not black enough' aboriginal woman who decided she had a choice to smile everyday regardless of what happens in day to day life.


Listen in as Cheree gives us a gift of inspiration and courage to ponder - her family background, growing up with abuse, raising her own four children, realising her artistic creations could be a sustainable business. Cheree takes us on a 'road trip' where she illustrates that we are responsible for our own feelings and we can change our thinking habits and patterns.


'I refuse to let other people win' is a mantra Cheree lives by along with three daily intentions:

1. Absolute trust and belief in the universe and her ancestors,

2. Being open to lessons or opportunities as a blessing, and

3. Gratitude - feeling blest for the life she has.


I hope you enjoy Cheree's story of thriving to date - her journey hasn't finished by a long shot! check out Cheree's work


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Action Stations. READY- AIM- FIRE!

Action Stations. READY- AIM- FIRE!

July 20, 2021

Jenn Donovon's manta is 'READY, FIRE, AIM' not the other way around because Jenn believes that the world doesn’t need another person “aiming” to do something – the world needs action takers.


So, grab you drink of choice or your walking shoes and join us as we talk 'thriving' in the entrepreneurial space during not only a global pandemic, but also after experiencing Australian drought, floods, mammoth bushfires and a mouse plague! Welcome to being agile for a community filled with purpose, service and support.


Listen in to a few business gems as Jenn encourages us to 'just adjust our aim as we go along'. It’s never going to be perfect – but until the market tells you they want to buy your product or services, it’s just guesswork. So, put it out there and test, measure and adjust until the market says “yes”!'


Jenn's word of the year for 2021 is 'impact' and we share in her reflections on making an impact as a rural business woman who has bought together a massive online community to support, listen to and mentor each other and thrive in their worklife. Finding your people is crucial to business success.


Jenn has an infectious energy that even goes to nursing the 'poddy lambs' in her home as its winter and too cold for them in the paddocks! Can't you tell I've a smile on my face when she shared this little bit of country life.


To learn more about Jenn and her work reach out at:

☏ 0428 324 149 »

Defend Your Self Time

Defend Your Self Time

July 7, 2021

Mia Northrop has a message for us all, "There's never been a better time to chase your dreams and seize life! Don't dismiss the idea of your dreams. Ask 'why not me?"


Listen in as our conversation about Mia's thriving habits shares some practical strategies like her MENDSS framework for daily structure and 3 Admin Hacks for clearing the life clutter and brilliant time management! Mia is a firm believer in setting the clarity for what you want to achieve each day along with some fun - aspirational and practical!


Mia shares that a major change in her life led her to falling in love with podcasts and creating useful tools to reduce the day to day suffering of life admin overload especially for women in business so they can 'defend your self time'.


You will leave with a number of great intentional tools to instantly apply to your work and life journey that will make your smile shine. Mia's enthusiasm is infectious and generous. I hope you enjoy this episode.

Letting Go To See What Happens!

Letting Go To See What Happens!

June 27, 2021

Thriving with "The Force!"


Jules Brooke bounces out of bed each day because she just loves what she does. 'Shining the Spotlight' on women in business is her passion where her background in PR and fascination with people connections has been the backbone of her thriving through the Global Financial Crisis and the recent Covid 19 Pandemic.


Listen on as Jules shares her story and how her problem solving world view has been a real gift - how it has provided opportunities that spark innovative thinking out of crisis. Her insights into what an unexpected interruption to our way of life and work are creative, human-centred and strongly advocate for sharing expertise and connecting to collaborate.


Her favourite quote currently is "Be the kind of person who mentions someone else's name in a room of opportunities!"


I know you will enjoy this energetic conversation that really illustrates Jules' mantra of 'Letting go to see what happens.' Remember... Your thriving Matters!


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Your Blueprint - ‘Human Design To Live By’

Your Blueprint - ‘Human Design To Live By’

June 21, 2021

There is only one you!

Your Blueprint is worth 'broadcasting into the field!"

Paul Shepherd has lived large in his 43 years and in our conversation we share some of the milestones and lessons he has learned that has resulted in his holistic 360-degree approach that nurtures the mind, body, and soul.

Listen in as we explore what living a life of purpose and meaning means for Paul and how he has synthesized ancient esoteric systems with modern science:

Western Astrology; Chinese I Ching; Hindu Brahmin Chakra System and The Zohar (or Kabbalah Tree of Life).

Paul shares his daily non-negotiable s and as significant event he witnessed at 22 years of age athat has shaped his philosophy and the way he wants to contribute towards a better world.

Change up Your Future

Change up Your Future

June 8, 2021

Jerome Lamarque is all about MOJO and believes its the the choices we make, not chance, that determines our destination.


Jerome helps Dads in Business get the equilibrium right between home life and business success- something he didn't have as a young man himself.


The last 15 years has been the most fantastic roller coaster educational ride for Jerome, his journey from student to business coach in the science behind goal setting and achieving has taught him so much that he now works with Dad's in their 'masculine energy' to change up their future.


Listen on as we delve into how Jerome brings together today's men in a supportive community that honours respectful masculine energy for strong relationships. We talk about keeping your goals simple, with intent and mission, to create the ecosystem of 'grown-up behaviours' for nurturing thriving relationships in life and work.


This quote by Elbert Hubbard, a philosopher and writer, sums it up nicely:

“Many people fail in life, not for the lack of abilities, brain or even courage, but simply because they have never organised their energies around a goal.”


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Becoming More Every Day!

Becoming More Every Day!

May 26, 2021

Are you fascinated by people's life stories? I definitely am!

In this episode of Thriving Matters podcast our conversation with Trevor Torrance is all about BECOMING - a life journey of thriving the expected and the unexpected.

So grab you drink of choice and your earphones as you are going to reasonate deeply with Trevors's pre-covid and post-covid journey. We talk about performance as an elite athlete which led him to studying naturopathy and massage before pursuing a career in people and growth.

Listen in as we share insights about setting goals and learning to be comfortable with unpredictability, to an 'ah ha' gift whilst walking in the trees that has influenced Trevor's perspective on life, love and contribution to a better world.


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