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Stylish Essence

Stylish Essence

January 18, 2022

When you get a guest that is described as 'a true entrepreneur.. a gutsy lady boss renowned for tact and her ability to read a room' then you are super curious to meet her and also to have her as a podcast guest!


Jane Vandermeer has two companies, 'Finesse Business Style' and 'Intuitive Whispers', and with her effortless style, she has spanned a very successful fashion business career of over 16 years.


Listen in as we talk about conscious 'thriving' and when Jane was diagnosed with cancer and adrenal fatigue and what wellbeing strategies and changes she trusted herself to manage and benefit from. A confessed 'reformed workaholic', Jane used her superpower of intuition, research, time and energy over a six month period to create and market award winning ethical breast cancer deodorant for women and then a range of Parfum Oils.


Jane shares her absolute belief in being kinder to yourself, letting go of what is not necessary in our day to day busyness and 'muscling up' your heart truth. Being discerning and responsible and actively supporting your network of champions is her 100% brave for living life!


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To connect with Jane visit: (Company Website) (Company Website)


To connect with Carrie visit:

’The Wake’ you leave could be your ’Wake-up Call’!

’The Wake’ you leave could be your ’Wake-up Call’!

January 3, 2022

'The Wake' you leave could be your 'Wake-up Call'!


Marie McCarthy has a beautiful Irish lilt when she speaks - but don't let that fox you into thinking that she is petite and demur! In the best possible way, Marie has that 'grit and gumption' that is tenacious, empathetic and creative all at once!


Listen in to this Thriving Matters episode with an Irish lass who specialises in personal and corporate Mindset - using her coaching skills and her unique TTR Method Program (Triple Transformational Results)


We dig into how understanding who you really are is life giving. Knowing how your 'saboteur habits' that you have learnt over many years have a neural highway that you can re learn so you are in control of your self and can understand your motivations better.


Marie shares that her journey to where she is today has involved not one but two significant times where she 'stepped back' to get clarity, got comfortable with her feminine energy and kept learning.


Filling up your buckets isn't over when you reach the rim! Marie is an advocate for NOT saying 'I'll be happy when..." her advice is to 'enjoy the journey not the destination!"


Contact: Marie McCarthy (Mindset Mastery with Marie)


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Don’t wait to get your shit together. Do it now. Why waste a perfectly good life?

Don’t wait to get your shit together. Do it now. Why waste a perfectly good life?

December 20, 2021

'The first thing that I do when I wake up, besides you know, the things that all humans need to do first thing in the morning, is I hop back into bed, and I pick my Kindle up, and I read and I spend, you know, an hour or two reading just for absolute pleasure. So this morning, when I got up, I did that. And then my brain starts ticking. And I start thinking about the things that I have to do for the day. And it's like, my legs swing out of the bed, and my brain is writing the story that's in my head. And it's like, I've got to get out of bed and go and write this before it's gone!"


Our guest this episode, Annette Densham has 35 years in media and has worked on storytelling most of her adult life. Join us as we look at how important our stories are and why being vulnerable is the new sexy - being open to sharing connects us together.


You will love the way Annette uses humour as a life saver, openly says shes swears too much and how to looks bullies straight in the eye - she is totally audicious, real and gutsy. Annette talks about her latest venture, The Audicious Agency - where the brain and heart of business comes together for purpose and passion.


Take Annette's advice...'Don’t wait to get your shit together. Do it now. Why waste a perfectly good life?"


You can find Annette via:





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Chance. There’s magic within us all

Chance. There’s magic within us all

December 6, 2021

Listen in with Gill Holden, a thriving gal of 'faith, hope, love and luck!' who shares her life story to date as well as how she has used adversity and vulnerability to supercharge her 'can do' attitude for success.


Gill reflects on growing up in Dublin in a family of 8 children, the impact of her Dad's death when she was 14 years old and arriving in Australia at 18, until now.


'Success wasn’t a topic in school that we ever learned to cope with or to even understand. Nor was our purpose, how adaptable we would need to be to overcome the challenges that life throws our way, and how by merging our human skills, our passion, and our non-negotiables, we all have the makings of a career path that might lead us to a calling we never knew existed.'


Learn about Gill's 'The 5 A’s Framework: Agility, Adaptability, Accountability, Approach-ability and Awareness' and the truth behind seeking work, finding work, being interviewed and how you always get a chance to interview your potential employer.


Gill's purpose is driven by values of care for others, service and compassion to give people the chance to find their own potential. Gill charges organisations to make a commitment to hiring at least one person who comes to you with nothing but HOPE.


You can find Gillian via:


Website: (Company Website)



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A Ball of Energy…Light YOUR Fire

A Ball of Energy…Light YOUR Fire

November 22, 2021

An elite athlete in her own right, Larri Wallbridge 'thrives' by putting meaning into BEING 'fit for business and life".


Listen in with Larri and me as we talk about the impact that our 'frame of mind' makes on whatever life throws at us to 'unleash the beast to unleash to create' - a metaphor that is both powerful and gentle.


Larri shares her some of her thriving secret sauce with us like:

* Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by intention.

Unless you are conscious of what you want to create, you cannot focus on it. Then the chance of creating it is literally up to chance.


* Be the Hero of Your Life; not the Victim

When you stop playing the victim, you’ll open your eyes to an entirely new life. A new approach and way of seeing things that is FAR more powerful.


*Healthy and Wealthy from the Inside Out - a few points here!

1. You change what’s on the outside by first changing what’s inside.

2. If your beliefs, thoughts and actions are “healthy” (fit and respectable), then

you create with the same energy. (and the opposite is true; ugly behaviours can have unhealthy consequences)


If you would like to know more about Larri and her story resonates with you here are her contact details:



Website: (Personal Website)


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How to be SOCIAL - Lead and Love!

How to be SOCIAL - Lead and Love!

November 8, 2021

Hang onto your seats! Our 'thriving matters' conversation with Chris Heuer is sure to provoke some deep reflection on how to be SOCIAL - how we can add value to the relationship with our self and others for 'the good of the village.'


Having been instrumental in launching The Social Media Club in 2006 and subsequently many startups and think tanks, Chris shares a sense of optimism about our global future and our ability to thrive whilst adapting to rapid change.


Currently Chris is a catalyst at AdHocnium (ad-hock-nee-uhm) where he guides executives and founders into the future of work - for their organisations and for them individually.


Listen in as Chris shares his personal story, style of learning, and how his self awareness has enabled him to build relationships based on 'love, acceptance and freedom.'


We discuss a better view and frame for the wide array of societal and technological changes underway; the notion of 'Waymaking' as a holistic process of professional transformation that paves the way for individuals to give their unique gifts to the world, and forever changing those who they touch with it.


Chris has a sense of optimism about our future, and our ability to 'thrive' as we adapt to the changing world around us while remaining true to who we are, or perhaps, even transcending our best possible selves.


'The ability of smart people to get along is perhaps one of the most important aspects of our ability to create value.'


If you enjoyed this conversation and want to know more about Chris go to: or (Blog)


If you would like to know more about your host, then is waiting go for you.


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The Power of Possibility - Universe‘s Gift

The Power of Possibility - Universe‘s Gift

October 25, 2021

Alexandra André isn't afraid to try and try again! Those who know Alex well, say that she has unwavering optimism and a deep 'urge' to rise up and share her gifts of self with others.


In her book, The Power of Possibility, we actually feel like we joined her for the experiences! Alex shares a variety of 'thriving' habits and big goals that set her up for success in completing five marathons (42kms) and an IRONMAN (3.8kms, 180km ride and 42km run)


Marathons offer an incredible metaphor that Alex is able to apply to her life and work whilst also being a solo parent to her 2 year old. Alex is certain that dedicating the IRONMAN to her dear friend Mads, was a team event, and she encourages us 'not to deny oneself the chance' of experiencing this.


Listen in as we discuss the synchronicities and opportunities that can block or inspire oneself and how we can use setbacks as gifts to focus on the end result. Alex shares some of her visualisation and audio strategies to support her goals and the purpose that drives her self belief. Hopefully you will sense that anything truly is possible, and to take that thought and concept into your own lives.


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To connect with Alexandra visit

To connect with Carrie visit

”SHIP IT”- Selfless Service to Connect

”SHIP IT”- Selfless Service to Connect

October 11, 2021

When you look back over your life and realise you've had a few iterations of becoming you - how do you feel? What have you noticed and what now gives you a hug and a smile each day?


Wendy Lloyd Curley says she is now onto Wendy#4 and enjoying every minute of it! Listen in as we talk about her thriving habits including playing the guitar every day and the mentors who have been instrumental in her life and work. Wendy shares that her 'daily bounce' is knowing that she can make a difference through exploring mindsets.


We share thinking about 'networking' and challenge the mindset that networking is selling - which it definitely is not! 1:1 relationships are a core pillar of connecting for purpose, collaboration and advocacy.


Our conversation visits that we have at this point in history, a remarkable opportunity to harness the digital and electronic tools at our fingertips to nurture more fulfilling 'selfless service' and 'connect to collaborate' ecosystem. This ecosystem includes global mindfulness and listening with intention not distraction so we can be more efficient and healthy in all aspects of our thriving.


For more information contact :

‘Changing Up‘ Your Purpose

‘Changing Up‘ Your Purpose

September 27, 2021

Mia Maze is not content to have only one business! She likes 'changing up' regional community connections to support and benefit women entrepreneurs and business owners in the Bega Valley and regional NSW.

A city bred entrepreneur Mia made it her mission to assist her community to recover from the 2020 bushfires and the ongoing challenges of Covid that are impacting us all.

Listen in as Mia shares her 'greatest challenge and achievement' when given a few days' notice that her fixed term contract was coming to an end and that it would not be renewed due to funding decisions. Covid followed the bushfires of 2020 and my region was heavily affected.

Exhausted from being the voice of help for businesses in her region and political pressure from stakeholders she pivoted her focus on others and launched 2 websites, repositioned herself, re-skilled and completed ICF accredited business coach training.

We talk about the value of being visible, standing up for your values and developing strong community ties, volunteering and joining community and industry boards. Providing a 'sandpit' for women to learn and co-work together turned Mia's priorities to purpose, not profit.


Contact Mia:



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How do you wake up full of AWESOME every day?

How do you wake up full of AWESOME every day?

September 13, 2021

In this episode with Kerry Howard, award winning author and trauma specialist, we share an understanding that negative (traumatic) experiences are at the basis of all of our problems as human beings, but there is a framework that we can use to understand our behaviour and resolve any situation.


Covid-19 has raised the awareness of how a lack of personal freedom increases feelings of powerlessness, but we need to find a way to empower ourselves to recover rather than only looking outside of ourselves for solutions.


Humans crave connection and we fail each other when not being able to provide it.

Kerry believes that education is the key to unlocking the ability to shift paradigms.


Kerry shares some of the strategies from her 'Self Management System' Framework as well as her book ' The Trouble With Trauma which are practical and based in sound research, practice and experience.

'Survival is Miraculous, but Recovery is a Choice' is Kerry's mantra in life work.


For more information on Kerry's Self Management System :




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